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Australia's gift to Medicine

Merino Sheep came to be in the early 1800's as Australia was being settled by the British. Governor Mcather was given the task of breeding sheep that could withstand the harsh Australian climatic conditions. He set about mating a mixture of sheep from different parts of the world, with sheep from Great Britain. Finally, he came up with a crossbreed of British and Spanish that became the famous Australian Merino Sheep. Since that day, this Sheep has produced one of the finest quality wools the world has ever known.


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Laundering Modifications

We have made some slight modifications to the required procedure for laundering Australian Medical Sheepskin, below is a copy of the updated laundering instructions in a word document as well as a power point presentation explaining the process. There will be an instructional video for laundering posted on our YouTube Channel soon; we will let you know once it is up but in the mean time please feel free to view Stephen’s other short instructional and informational video’s on the channel.







Washing Update (Word Doc)

Power Point Presentation


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