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Australian Sheepskin Apparel's SheepZorb® Wound Care Pads Defies Convention

(Press Release posted: May 1, 2019) -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Australian Sheepskin Apparel today reflected on its release of SheepZorb® wound care healing pads, which was in development since 2003. The main aim was always to provide superior healing capacity compared to standard wound dressings, which trap moisture and breed bacteria. Cost savings and an improvement in life quality are realized when the wound is healed faster... and by defying convention, this wound dressing did so, with a difference.

Stephen Playford, Founder at Australian Sheepskin Apparel, says: "We wanted to try something new with SheepZorb® wound care pads. Anyone familiar with the medical products market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to offer synthetic dressings that trap moisture at the wound interface and cause mucus build up, allowing bacteria to form in a puss-filled mess in the wound. These dressings are often left in place for days. We felt this was a problem because this moisture does not allow oxygen to enter the base of the wound causing the tissue to break down further. Adding extra ointments and silver to the dressing in turn causes an overabundance of moisture at the wound interface, completely preventing blood flow. (Silver is a heavy metal that does not break down in the body) The human body does not produce ointment or silver so why would the body need it to heal? The most important cell in the human body is the red blood cell as it carries the oxygen to the cells in our body. Without it tissue will deteriorate and die."

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, SheepZorb® wound pads, made from Australian medical sheepskin, has many abilities due its natural structure. Every sheepskin wool fiber is naturally hollow, thus creating a natural insulator for the body. Sheepskin leather will absorb up to 11 times it’s own weight in moisture. These two factors alone are critical to healing a wound. Australian medical sheepskin will maintain limb temperature at 37°C. Warming to standard body temperature will increase blood flow as the SheepZorb® wound care dressing absorbs excess moisture from the wound and allows for flow of oxygenated blood supply to the base of the wound. The wound is then getting the oxygen, antibiotics and proteins into the tissue requiring it.

Australian Sheepskin Apparel chose to make this move because SheepZorb® wound dressings are microbial absorbent, which means that smelly infected wounds will abate very quickly. SheepZorb® wound dressings are reusable for the same patient saving money and landfills. Further, as blood flow is increased in the limb due to maintenance of body temperature, swelling or edema will reduce as plasma is naturally absorbed back into the blood. Results have shown to be far more effective than compression wound dressings, as compression results in capillary constriction, causing a further lack of blood flow to the tissue.

Stephen Playford also said "We want to give our customers cost savings and an improvement in life quality as realized when the wound is healed faster. With SheepZorb® wound pads, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel pressure reduction, moisture reduction, shear reduction, standard body temperature and overall comfort while healing when using SheepZorb® wound healing pads. Trying something new always feels like a risk, but absorbing moisture and creating blood flow are paramount to healing wounds which dramatically reduces any risk."

Australian Sheepskin Apparel has been in business for over 22 years, being established in 1996. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to offer the most naturally wonderful, comfortable and effective product for the prevention and treatment of wounds that health care has ever seen.

This isn't the first time Australian Sheepskin Apparel has defied convention either. In 1997 they caused a stir when, a donation of Australian medical sheepskins to the Royal University Hospital - Surgical Burn Unit in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, to trial usage with several patients who were high risk candidates for skin breakdown. The high temp UR medical sheepskins proved to be the most effective for patient comfort, maintaining it's softness, thickness and shape after several high temperature washings for disinfection. Other benefits of notice was the thick sheepskins' ability to absorb moisture from the patient to keep them cleaner and drier, and reduce the pressure between the patients skin and the surface of the bed, minimizing skin breakdowns and encouraging healing. After trialing the high-temp urine resistant Australian medical sheepskin, the Royal University Hospital surgical burn unit decided to purchase several more medical sheepskins to benefit more of their acutely ill and long term care patients.

SheepZorb® wound care pads are now available worldwide at our online store or if living in Canada, at local medical supply stores. To find out more about the coccyx wound care pads, it's possible to visit

For further information about Australian Sheepskin Apparel, all this can be discovered at


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