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When Should I Use Australian Medical Sheepskin

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Arthritis,osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers will sleep much better with reduced pain as the Australian Medical Sheepskin bed pad will help maintain body temperature at 37*C and increase blood flow to the joints. This in turn reduces inflammation in the joints making sleep much easier with less pain. See photo.


Baby rugs:

Are used in the crib for newborns and infants for sleeping . My own children were brought up on sheepskin bedpads and slept perfectly. Used extensively in Australia as they maintain body temperature at 37*C in a hot climate, it works the same in a cold climate.

Premature babies (neonatal infants) were proven to gain weight three times faster due to the sheepskin (lamb skins) crib pads maintaining body temperature at 37*C with less pressure points on the tiny human frame.

This comfort factor significantly reduces the urge to move, roll or turn. Less movement means less energy output, which goes into their growth. See London, England trials. These sheepskin pads are white or cream in color and are hand wash only and hang dry away from direct sunlight. Read report.


Bed Sores:

Bed sores include pressure sores, coccyx wounds, shearing wounds and breakdown from moisture build up at skin interface. Wounds occur from pressure at the bony prominence of the body along with moisture build up inside the incontinence garment on the coccyx are and shearing related wounds on the ankles, legs and feet.

The Australian Medical Sheepskin pad will create pressure reduction on the bony areas of the body, with heel protectors and elbow protectors reducing pressure on the back and sides of the feet and elbows.

Moisture build up on the coccyx area is wicked away by coccyx pads placed inside the incontinence area creating moisture absorption of the urine and fecal moisture away from the skin, reducing breakdown.

Shearing related wounds are prevented by the sheepskin wool fibre moving with the skin tissue as an individual moves, rolls or turns. It does not pull on sensitive skin tissue.

Australian Medical Sheepskin is also urine resistant sheepskin.

Note: Australian Medical Sheepskin MUST be rinsed free of urine or fecal matter prior to washing. DO NOT ALLOW URINE OR FECAL MATTER TO AMMONIATE IN THE SHEEPSKIN. THIS WILL CAUSE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO THE LEATHER.



Burns are treated with Sheepzorb sterile wound dressings and changed numerous times each day as moisture (exudate) will be significant. At first the dressings may need to be changed as much as 3 times in a 24 hour period. Remove with saline solution, pat wound dry and replace new sterile Sheepzorb wound dressings. Sterile Sheepzorb wound dressings will significantly reduce scarring and is microbial absorbent. See burn results (link coming soon).


Car seat covers:

Can be used in hot or cold climates as it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter due to the natural science of the way it grows. Sheepskin truck seat covers will do the same.

However, that's not all that it does, you get no sore rear end and no shirt sticking to your back from sweat build up. The distances that can be travelled without any of the discomfort stated above are astonishing to anything synthetic or leather. Go for it mate!



Is a wound on the leg normally associated with edema or swelling in the legs, sometimes brought on by venous insufficiency or arterial insufficiency.

Diabetes and congestive heart failure are quite often the original cause of all these problems.

As the blood flow slows down in the legs the plasma separates from the red blood cells. This plasma then settles in the subcutaneous tissue and causes excessive swelling (edema) in the lower to upper limbs depending on the severity of reduced blood flow.

Once the retained fluid (plasma) levels for the legs capacity are exceeded, the plasma pushes through to the outer layers of skin tissue (epidermal and dermal). The wound looks like blisters on the skin with clear to yellowish fluid oozing from the wound.

The treatment is Sheepzorb sterile wound dressings 4" x 4" or 5" x 5" inch to cover the affected area and absorb excess moisture with Australian Medical Sheepskin boots to maintain limb temperature at 37*C increasing circulation in the limb.

Remember, a warmer limb provides better blood flow. See leg wound PDF.



  Contracture of the palms results in crippled hands, contracted hands with fingernails digging into the palm of the hand creating sweat build up and wounds in the palm.

The treatment is Australian Medical Sheepskin palm protector with finger separators or the contracture cone design to maintain flexion of the fingers. Palm protectors will absorb the moisture from the palm and stop the fingernails digging into the palm. They Velcro in place and do not fall away when the hand spasms.


Cost Savings with Australian Medical Sheepskin:

Crutch pads and hand pads: These are implemented to increase comfort and stop bruising under the arm pits and on the palms when using crutches for an injured leg. Walker grips will do the same thing. See photo.


Diabetic wounds:

Diabetics are at risk of developing persistent wounds or ulcers that may be present for years.

These wounds are generally on the legs and feet as the blood flow is affected by an increase of sugar in the blood making it more difficult for the heart to pump the blood to the feet. This is because the blood is thicker like honey and is difficult to fit in the very tiny capillaries at the outer skin layers, the symptoms are cold feet and legs with a change in color showing a further reduction in blood flow to the limb.

Treatment, warm the limb back to 37*C with Australian Medical Sheepskin boots increasing circulation in the limb and Sheepzorb wound dressings to absorb moisture away from the wound and increase blood flow to the wound site. This combination creates incredible wound healing. However, prevention is always the best medicine. Australian Medical Sheepskin slippers will provide standard limb temperature for the feet and increase blood flow.

This does provide an environment where wounds are less susceptible.



Is a term used to describe swelling of bodily tissue.

It can occur from trauma to the body, and is most common in the lower legs. This anomaly is caused by limited circulation in the legs as described above in cellulitis. As the circulation slows down, plasma separates from the blood and settles in the fatty tissue (subcutaneous tissue)  under the skin.

The problem becomes more exacerbated by limb temperature. As circulation becomes colder, the colder the leg becomes the circulation gets more restricted. A domino effect starts occurring until the leg cannot store anymore fluid and will break through the outer skin tissue causing cellulitis and worse possible amputation.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cure the venous or arterial insufficiency creating this problem, but can help to reverse the associated problems being created by simply warming the leg back to standard body temperature 37*C.

Treatment, long Australian Sheepskin boots or in earlier stages short boots or wrap around slippers will insulate the limb extremity back to 37*C and in turn increase blood flow back to the leg. This increased blood flow will pick up the excess plasma in the fatty tissue (subcutaneous tissue) and loose it in our waste.

The leg wound at the end of this section shows a man whose leg had been swollen for three and a half years with the cellulitis pre-existing for the last six months, clearly getting worse. He had been pressure wrapping for three years with no effect.

It took four weeks to reduce the swelling and the Sheepzorb wound dressings to heal the wound.

This process achieved standard body temperature for increased blood flow and moisture absorption for wound healing. See leg wound PDF.


Good wound dressings:

Are Sheepzorb wound dressings that will have an excellent effect on pressure wounds, moisture wounds, shearing wounds, leg wounds, leg ulcers, foot wounds, foot ulcers, trauma wounds, surgical wounds, infected wounds, burn wounds, and infectious wounds e.g. Phlebitis, Staph infection, MRSA, VRE, CDIFF and gangrene. These dressings are also helpful with skin lesions and psoriasis.

Green Australian Medical Sheepskin Sheepzorb wound dressings are also sterile and microbial absorbent, meaning, they absorb infection! In turn less antibiotics required.


Healing wounds:

Healing wounds with Sheepzorb wound dressings is achieved by absorbing excess moisture away from the wound and in turn allowing blood flow into the tissue. All skin tissue requires blood flow to heal by bringing the cells in the blood into the tissue requiring it.


Holistic Medicine:

Australian Medical grade sheepskin or green sheepskin has often been referred to as a holistic solution by many people that have used it. It is a natural product from the Australian Merino Sheep and carries with it the ability to perform many tasks for the human body at the same time, simply due to the natural science of how it grows. It will insulate to keep the body temperature at 37*C perfect body temperature to enhance blood flow easily throughout the body. It will reduce pressure significantly better than any synthetic product. It will absorb moisture and infection away from a wound site, synthetic will not. It will reduce shearing due to dense movable fibers, synthetics will not.


Industrial Sheepskin for winter wear:

Is designed for use in extremely cold climates and is fire retardant for all industrial applications. Industrial sheepskin is rated for 100*F below. Industrial hoods, boot liners and mitts will stop those extremities from freezing! Indoor slippers are also a must for super cozy feet. Note: All Australian Sheepskin Apparel footwear insoles are made from the real Merino Sheepskin, not synthetic. See photos (link coming soon).


Laundering Australian Medical Sheepskin:

Australian Medical Sheepskin is the only medical grade sheepskin and is colored green for easy identification that has the ability to be washed to the temperatures required by infection control standards for use in hospitals and institutions where product can be used on different patients without the fear of cross infection.

Australian Medical Sheepskin is washable to 80*C and above for thermal disinfection and can be tumble dried.

This is the ONLY Sheepskin in the world that can withstand these rigorous requirements.

"If it is not Green it does not go in the Machine."

Others have tried to use white or cream sheepskins and have had disastrous results with shrinkage of the pelt and in some cases, major fiber loss ruining the machine.

Skinsan sheepskin detergent is a hospital strength disinfectant and is the only detergent warranted to wash Green Australian Medical Sheepskin.

Warranty will be void if laundered in any other detergent.

Skinsan detergent has a wetting agent for the leather, a flushing agent for the wool fiber and a bacteriostat that will kill 99 percent of all bacteria listed in good wound dressings above. See MSDS for skinsan detergent.



Open wounds:

Can occur from trauma, pressure, moisture, shearing, burns, and infection.

All these wounds occur for different reasons but all wounds require the one same thing to heal them. - Oxygenated blood flow.

It is a medical fact that blood flow is required to keep skin tissue alive.

Simply take an adhesive bandage and put it around your index finger and go to bed. When you wake up the next morning and take the bandage of your finger and look at it, the color of the skin tissue under the bandage has turned opaque white.

The reason this happens is the moisture is trapped and has flooded the skin tissue layers and is blocking blood flow into the tissue. The skin turns white and is dying due to a lack of oxygen from the blood.

This happens in just one night, wounds can be present for years.

Note: if you cannot get an oxygen cell into the tissue, you will not get the antibiotic there either.

Many wound dressings on the market are synthetic from foams to hydrocolloids and are often left on the wound for days. This in turn creates mucus build up under the dressing and does negatively affect the healthy tissue around the world. That is why wounds get larger and deeper. Bacteria are formed in a warm moist environment. Synthetic dressings create this exact scenario leading to infection and in some cases amputation.

Australian Medical Sheepskin sterile Sheepzorb wound dressings will absorb moisture from the wound all the way through the hollow wool fibre until it reaches the leather at the back of the dressing.

The moisture then disperses throughout the leather. This then stops any bacteria from forming and keeps the moisture away from the skin interface.

This moisture flow away from the wound then allows a Clear Path for the blood to get onto the cells requiring it.

We are then getting the oxygen cells, protein cells, white blood cells and antibiotics to the areas requiring it. Sterile Sheepzorb wound dressings are also microbial absorbent.


Subcutaneous wounds(Closed Wounds):

Generally the result of excess pressure on the bony prominences of the body and have in many cases been present for some time.

When these wounds heal with Australian Medical Sheepskin Sheepzorb  wound dressings, they will look worse before they get better.

As the Sheepzorb dressing absorbs the excess moisture away from the wound site and brings in the blood flow, the wound will open up exposing the underlying damage to the tissue. As the protein cells in our blood enter the wound base, granulation from the protein will occur from the base of the wound to the top and at all sides throughout the healing period.

Healing times will vary due to the size and depth of the wound.

The Sheepzorb wound dressings are a topical dressing.

Note: deep wounds with tunneling should not be packed with anything as this will interfere with granulation at the base of the wound and retard healing. Once a scab (necrotic tissue) forms on the wound, it is to be left intact, NOT DEBRIDED. A scab is the bodies defence against infection. Wound debriding will open the body to infection and makes the wound bigger.

Note: Mum always said to stop picking at your scab. As the sterile Sheepzorb wound dressing absorbs the moisture from the outside edges of the scab, the wound will continue to heal underneath until the scab comes away by itself. A scab may form more than once on the wound depending on the wound size, depth and duration. These factors will vary healing time.

Sheepzorb wound dressings must be changed every 24 hours or when moisture is noted on the leather.

Note: do not leave Sheepzorb wound dressings on for days at a time.

Products to be used are an Australian Medical Sheepskin bed pad for prevention of a wound (best practice) or to reduce the pressure and maintain standard body temperature 37*C to help optimize blood flow throughout the body. The Sterile Sheepzorb wound dressings will absorb excess moisture from the wound and will again optimize blood flow to the wound site. Leg wounds require long or short Australian Medical Sheepskin boots for standard body temperature.


Types of wounds:

Vary greatly but more common is that we deal with leg wounds, leg ulcers, foot wounds, foot ulcers, foot sores, ankle wounds, ankle ulcers, ankle sores, toe wounds, toe sores, toe ulcers, open sores, closed wounds (subcutaneous damage), coccyx wounds, coccyx sores, elbow wounds, elbow sores. All of which can be helped greatly with the use of Australian Medical Sheepskins products.


Veterinary use:

Animals such as horses, cats, dogs, cows, etc. have a metabolism very similar to ours when it comes to wound healing. The principles are all the same with the requirement of blood supply to the wound area, an increase in protein to granulate the wound and keep infection at bay.

Australian Medical Sheepskin Sheepzorb wound dressings will achieve this through moisture absorption through the hollow fibre to the leather bringing with it the blood supply carrying the cells required to heal the wound as stated above. One major problem that conventional dressings have is they trap moisture at the wound site which not only disallows blood flow to the base of the wound bed but forms bacteria (infection) as well. This is when flies will lay their lava and install maggots. It is a barnyard after all. Flies will only lay their eggs where the food (rotting tissue) will feed the larva for three to five days once hatched.

When using sterile Sheepzorb wound dressings, you will continually keep blood low in the outer lying tissue. This is not what flies are looking for. Australian Medical Sheepskin has healed many animals to date, too numerous to count. Please see the attached two horses treated with Australian Medical Sheepskin. In all cases, infection has never been an issue due to microbial absorption. See photos (viewer discretion is advised).


Wound prevention:

Is the best medicine that anyone can ever utilize. Australian Medical Sheepskin is adaptable for so many applications from bed pads to wheelchair cushions, wheelchair accessories like armrest covers, foot pads, calf pads, head rest covers even knee walker cover. Conditions that benefit greatly from these products are paraplegic, quadriplegic, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, leg contracture, spasms. This is where Australian Medical Sheepskin products excel due to, shearing and pressure reduction at the skin interface. Read report.


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