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Bedsore Management and Prevention with Australian Medical Sheepskin

What are bedsores?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are wounds caused by long term pressure against the skin that limits blood flow to the area of contact. Other factors, such as limited mobility, skin thinness, and certain medical conditions, can make the skin vulnerable to damage and contribute to the development of these pressure sores.

How can Australian Medical Sheepskin help?

Australian Medical Sheepskin has been proven to speed up the healing, and prevent the future development, of bed sores on all areas of the body. It does this by:

πŸ‘ Distributing pressure evenly so blood can flow properly

πŸ‘ Wicking moisture from the affected area

- This keeps it warm to promote blood flow, and dry to prevent infection

πŸ‘ Moving with the body to prevent skin shearing or tears

πŸ‘ Protecting from trauma, such as bumps or scrapes

Australian Medical Sheepskin is incredibly durable, and is reusable as it can be sterilized in your laundry machines at home!

What is the rate of success with Australian Medical Sheepskin?

Australian medical sheepskin guarantees a 100% success rate in bedsore healing and prevention, provided that the following conditions are also met:

πŸ‘ There is adequate protein in the diet

πŸ‘Β All prescribed medications and supplements are being taken

πŸ‘ The area is well-circulated (i.e. no tight bandages)

πŸ‘ The patient is under the care of a qualified medical professional




For more information on the scientific and medical research behind Australian Medical Sheepskin, visit our Medical Information Section.