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Product Trials

These Trials were performed Independent from Australian Sheepskin Apparel

Product Trial -- PDF - 7mb

Nov 2006 Product Trial -- PDF - 3mb

Support Surfaces for Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Cochrane Collaboration) -- PDF - 67kb

Cost Comparative Trial Results -- MS Excel - 39kb or PDF - 48kb

Diabetic Leg Wound with Odema Healing

Learn about how a patient's leg wound was healed using sheepskin boots and wound dressings - and then regressed after discontinuing the sheepskin protocol.

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MSDS for Skinsan

Download PDF

Wound Dressing Protocol for AMS

Australian Medical Sheepskin Wound Dressing Protocol - PDF - 277kb.

SheepZorb Wound Pad - Directions for Use

Coccyx Pad - Direction for Use

Broda Pressure Testing Summary

Download PDF (Uploaded 10 Apr 2018)

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Flammability Test on Medical Grade Sheepskin

Download PDF (Added Sept 29, 2015)


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Product Trials

These Trials were performed Independent from Australian Sheepskin Apparel

The following two trials contain photos that are quite graphic in nature, but are necessary to show the success.

Trial 1 -- The foot was completely regenerated after using AMS. The reason this is a medical first is that the man was scheduled to have the foot amputated, the man was diabetic and MRSA positive. The foot was not going to heal. The cost saving for the surgery alone is approx $150,000.00 not to mention after care with physiotherapy care, prostheses etc. AMS created complete healing of this wound. -- PowerPoint Presentation

Trial 2 -- The second, is a trauma related wound on an elderly lady’s shin. It got caught under a fiberglass edge whilst being lifted in a sling into the bath. AMS being used as a dressing completely healed the wound. Remember, this was a trauma related wound not a pressure related wound. -- PowerPoint Presentation

Note -- The simple reason why AMS works for all wounds, is that it creates blood flow to the outer layers of tissue, whilst removing exudate from the wound, which simply put is old used dead blood. Sealing this fluid in a wound will effectively drown the tissue and it will continue to die. AMS will reduce the pressure, reduce the shearing, absorbs excess moisture from skin tissue (fluids absorbed are perspiration, incontinence and wound exudates) further AMS will maintain body or limb temperature at 98.3 degrees optimizing blood flow to the entire body.


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