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Canadian Manufacturer of High-Quality Australian Medical Sheepskin Announces All Products Are Now Available For Direct Purchases

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Company: Australian Sheepskin Apparel
Address: 526A 45th Street East Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0W2 Canada
Phone Number: +1-306-934-7119

Canadian Manufacturer of High-Quality Australian Medical Sheepskin Announces All Products Are Now Available For Direct Purchases.

Canadian manufacturer of high temperature washable Australian medical sheepskin (AMS), Australian Sheepskin Apparel (ASA), announces the availability of all products for direct purchases. Customers from Canada, UK, USA and all the world can now purchase the best quality sheepskins as part of the company's plans to expand the business and create better access for individuals who need to stop bed sores and heal persistent wounds.

As the population ages, the prevalence of bed sores increases everywhere in the world. Australian Sheepskin Apparel is enabling end users easier access to their product to prevent these problems from getting worse without having to wait on time constraints from health systems.

Products offered by ASA for bed sore prevention include Australian medical sheepskin bed pads, footwear, wheelchair accessories, everything from tip to toe. Medical journal publications from Australia, Europe and the USA are easily accessed online as to the effectiveness of AMS AS 4480.1. Simply visit their website to access randomized trials of Australian medical sheepskin.

The Australian Merino Sheepskin has the most dense wool fiber in the world which in turn reduces the pressure on the bony prominences of the body when laying or sitting for long periods. The hollow wool fiber will insulate the body at 37 degrees Celsius and helps optimize blood flow to the body making less work for the heart. This effect keeps you cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Australian medical sheepskin will also absorb moisture away from the skin stopping breakdown due to moisture build up. The movement of the wool fiber while rolling or turning will also stop shearing type wounds from occurring. The insulating factor of the hollow wool fiber is also a tremendous benefit for arthritis suffers to sleep pain free due to increased blood flow to the joints which helps reduce inflammation creating less pain and better sleep patterns.

Australian Sheepskin Apparel has developed and researched the miracles that Australian medical sheepskin provides for the last 22 years. Their goal now is to expand their business to anyone in the world needing help in a timely fashion.

Australian Sheepskin Apparel has further developed the worlds first disposable sterile sheepskin wound dressing that heals even the most problematic persistent wounds, caused by diabetes, trauma, surgical, pressure, moisture, shearing, burns and infectious related wounds.

Sheepskin is a widely used and recognized product for pressure reduction, insulation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, reduction of shear wounds etc, but what makes Australian medical sheepskin the premiere product to use, is that you can simply throw it in the washing machine and tumble dry in the dryer. No other sheepskin can do this. Skinsan detergent has been developed for AMS to keep the leather soft and supple, flush out the wool fiber and kills 99.9% of all bacteria.

This development of expanding the access to the product is due to the frustrations of many individuals trying to get health systems to change practices being used for years, in many cases with no change. Huge corporations developing synthetic dressings from foam to synthetic fiber do not want you to know of the technology that has come from a very simple product. Australian medical sheepskin was made a medical standard in Australia in 1998 and was color coded green so it is immediately identifiable as the medical grade. White or cream sheepskin or synthetic rugs made to look like sheepskin, do not perform in washing or help to stop bed sores, as synthetics create problems with the skin tissue. Many online stores will try to sell imitations or synthetic sheepskin saying they are medical. Authentic medical grade sheepskin will only have the Australian medical sheepskin medical standard label.

Australian medical sheepskin was originally designed for the operating theater, to stop people developing bed sores whilst going through surgery for hip replacements etc. The cost factor to all health systems for surgical related bed sores is staggering. The Australian Federal Government came up with the answer to help prevent this massive cost problem.

To help clear the misunderstanding and ensure that customers get only genuine Australian sheepskin, the company now makes their products available for direct purchase. Customers, no matter who they may be, from all over the UK, Canada, and the USA can purchase a wide array of medical products made of sheepskin directly from All they need to do is visit the site and browse through the various products they have to offer. Customers can also directly go to their products page to see their collection of high-quality medical sheepskin apparel. Their products range from chair and bed pads to footwear, all made from genuine merino sheepskin approved by the Australian Medical Association.

About Australian Sheepskin Apparel:
Australian Sheepskin Apparel is a company serving the medical industry for more than 20 years by providing the highest quality sheepskin apparel. Their goal is to provide the comfort needs of customers no matter they may be.  Sheepskin is one of the world’s best natural insulators, and Australian Sheepskin serves as one of the leading stores to get them.
For more information, please visit For inquiries, please call direct +1-306-934-7119 or send an email to

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