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We see the benefits of Aussie Medical Sheepskin daily in our practice which includes acute care, LTC, assisted living facilities and home care. Our clients have improved quality of life because of pressure, moisture and shearing prevention.

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We have the largest bed pads in the world.

Canadian Manufacturer of High-Quality Australian Medical Sheepskin Announces All Products Are Now Available For Direct Purchases

(Press Release posted: Aug 13, 2018)

All products are Fire Retardent. They can and are being used in acute, long term, and home care settings. All products are high temperature machine washable and tumble dry. Use only Skinsan Detergent.

Patient with Nurse

Got long term persistent wounds that won't heal? Swollen feet and or legs that won't go away? Contact Australian Sheepskin Apparel, we can help.


A Medical Practitioner's Perspective

Dr. Robert Carter -- Medical Practitioner -- Sydney, Australia


Pressure Ulcers on the Increase

One of my dear, elderly patients was recently discharged from a teaching hospital after undergoing surgery to repair a hernia. The discharge summary claims the operation was a complete success but notes that "the patient developed heel ulcers during convalescence" which will be "looked after by the community nurses".

During my 30 years in general practice, I have witnessed the increasing technical sophistication of hospital care, but I still despair when I see my patients develop stage 4 pressure ulcers on their heels.

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Diabetes Dilemma

Hundreds die from the disease each year in Saskatchewan - but why?  Jonathan Charlton of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix looks at the challenges.

Read newspaper article (published Oct 25, 2017)


Causes of diabetic wounds and how to deal with them

Diabetes is the cause of many problems in the body, one of the worst being wounds. 70% of non-traumatic amputations are attributed to diabetes. The process that causes this problem in the first place is not currently being treated correctly under current standards. The problem is increasing!
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Sheepzorb Disposable Dressings

Viewer discretion advised on the following videos.

Click here to view our Sheepzorb Disposable Dressings animation -- Length (1 minute 54 seconds)

Click here to view our Healing Diabetic Wounds video
-- Length (7 minute 15 seconds)

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Laundering Instructions

Laundering Instructions (Uploaded Apr 2018)

Laundry WorkerWe have made some slight modifications to the required procedure for laundering Australian Medical Sheepskin, below is a copy of the updated laundering instructions in a word document as well as a power point presentation explaining the process. There is an instructional video for laundering posted on our YouTube Channel.

View documents -- Washing Update (PDF) -- Power Point Presentation -- National Launderer -- Skinsan Sheets (2018)