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From the Nursing Home

The new Australian Medical Sheepskins provide enhanced levels of comfort, pressure relief and elimination of moisture for residents with reduced mobility and are a remarkable improvement over sheepskins previously used.

The use of Australian Medical Sheepskins has shown that residents are easier to move with less risk to frail skin. There has also been a significant reduction in the incidence of skin tears and pressure areas.

The color coding of blue and green for correct laundering and identification for increased urine resistance has been particularly helpful in identifying the specific purpose of these sheepskins.

The sheepskins are changed daily or weekly depending on the level of continence of the individual.

Sheepskins that need laundering are kept in separate bins according to their classification before being transferred to the on-site industrial laundry. They are washed with a specialized sheepskin bacteriostat detergent and dried separately at 60'C.

In a six month case study, Australian Medical Sheepskins were in regular use and there was no obvious deterioration. They remained soft and pliable, with no evidence of staining or residual odor.

The improved characteristics of the new Australian Medical Sheepskins gives them a wide range of potential applications in nursing home and rehabilitation care.

Report submitted by

Mrs. J Agnew

Director of Nursing

Heatherleigh Private Nursing Home

East Hawthorn

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