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Roxy Sawatsky - Sheepzorb Wound Dressings

My name is Roxy Sawatsky. I am Director of Care for a long term care facility in Rural Saskatchewan. We have been using Australian Medical Sheepskin for a number of years for pressure injury prevention and treatment of wounds. The results have been tremendous.

One event that really blew me away was when my horse was attached by a cougar and mauled around the neck and sustained a wire injury on the fetlock. The wounds were very serious and maggots were a real problem initially. Australian Sheepskin Apparel provided me with Sheepzorb Wound Dressings to deal with these out of control wounds. I could not believe how all the hair regenerated where the wounds were and all wounds were completely healed in seven weeks. I did not need to use any antibiotics once the sheepzorb dressings were started nor the whole time the dressings were used and this was in a barn yard. The product definitely saved my horses life.