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James Howard - Sheepzorb Wound Dressings

My name is James Howard, a number of years ago I had a High Tibial Osteotomy, after the surgery I developed a serious infection(staph). The wound would not heal, I had a pic line inserted into my chest and was administering strong antibiotics three times a day, still this would not clear the infection. So I decided to try Medical Grade Sheepskin Sheepzorb Wound Dressings, within days I started to notice a big change, the soreness and swelling started to subside and within 4 weeks the wound had healed, infection was gone. Now this was at the end of what turned into a 10 month ordeal. I have to thank Australian Medical Sheepskin for my recovery and for literally saving my leg. I cannot thank Stephen enough and recommend anyone with infected wounds from whatever means to try Australian Medical Sheepskin, I have to say that I really do think that this natural product saved my leg and is creating miracles all over. Thank you Australian Sheepskin Apparel.